A modern design for a modern home

Color Black and White
Filtration Method Coway NanotrapTM Filtration
Power Consumption

Heater: 500-600W

Compressor: 154-168W

Tank Capacity

Ambient water: 6.0 Liter

Cold Water: 3.0 Liter

Hot Water: 3.0 Liter

Filters and Sizes

1. Neo Sense Filter: 14″

2. Core Filter: 14″ Coway Nanotrap

3. Inno Sense Filter: 14″ [Post Carbon + Fine]

4. Ceramic Filter: Yes

Filtration Capacity 62.5 L / Hour
Dimensions [W x D x H] 260 x 448 x 1150 mm
Net Weight 27.0 kg
promosi coway - cowa core chp671L